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Our office will meet with your staff to provide planning guidance for individual campus colleges, schools, departments or agencies within the university. In just a few sessions, you will have the framework needed to create a plan specific to your unit and building. Emergency Preparedness will provide support when needed.

Because the campus Emergency Plan and annexes are designed to address concerns of the university as a whole, it is not all-encompassing for each college, school, department or agency within the university, but still provides the vital framework. This means the plans and annexes provide a structure for emergency planning, but each college, school, department and agency must develop practical emergency plans that are specific to their organizations. These organization-specific plans must mitigate or eliminate hazards, prepare all aspects of the specific organization to cope with a variety of potential emergencies, formalize the organization's response to such emergencies, and provide a path to recovery from an emergency event.

This guidance document will outline key components to individual plans, provide information for developing your plan, as well as provide samples and templates for your use. While this guidance document provides for standardization of individual plans, it does not prohibit individual campus colleges, schools, departments or agencies within the university in developing a format that may work better for them. Best Practice suggestions are always welcome and please, contact us for assistance.


The Departmental Emergency Plan Guidance Document is designed to provide instructions for university departments on how to prepare their Departmental Emergency Action Plan which is a support document of the University's Emergency Management Plan. The Departmental Emergency Plan enables Departments to plan for disaster mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery and for the University to maintain viability of mission critical operations during and after any emergency or covered incident.

The Building Management & Restricted Access Plan Annex is designed to provide safety and security measures that protect life, property, and the environment in the event of natural or man-made incidents, and to limit or restrict entry to appropriately cleared personnel. This plan includes procedures for evacuation and shelter situations and will help you develop an exit strategy.