ALERTUS Emergency Notifications

About Alertus Desktop Notifications

The Alertus Desktop Notification at The University of Texas is the latest addition to its emergency notification system. When the University issues an emergency alert, all computer workstations and laptops running the Alertus system will display a full-screen pop-up alert providing messaging about the emergency on campus. The display pop-up alerts are in addition to those the campus will receive on personal mobile devices, and are not meant to replace them.

During a “significant emergency event,” the pop-up notification will provide the computer user with emergency information and actions the individual should take related to the emergency, such as shelter-in-place, evacuate, or avoid a certain area of campus.

The Alertus Desktop Notification will be tested once a month, coinciding with the test of the university’s emergency channels such as text message and outdoor warning sirens.

What do I do when I receive an Alertus notification?

Test Message: When the computer user receives a monthly test message, the message will look similar to the provided example. After reading the messaging and identifying the message as only a test, in the lower center portion of the notification there is a green “Acknowledge” button that can be clicked to remove the message from the computer screen.

Emergency Message: When the computer user receives an actual emergency alert on the Alertus Notification, the user should follow the action steps that are provided in the message related to the emergency.  These could include Shelter-In-Place, Lock Down, Evacuate, or Avoid the Area.

Alertus pop-ups will appear similar to the following example: